Shared use of electric mobility

Sharing cars instead of buying them – the concept of car-sharing already exists in many big cities. In the electro-mobile future, urban citizens will make common use of the infrastructure and a large number of vehicles. This is what scientists working at Fraunhofer Institute predict. In order to turn this vision into reality, scientists are working on the »Beyond Tomorrow Project« called “Shared use of e-mobility: vehicles, data and infrastructure“, or GeMo for short in German.

Less pollution, less noise, a better quality of life – very good reasons to focus on electricity when it comes to the topic of mobility. If the EU has its way, we will only be driving electric vehicles in all major European cities as early as 2050. A good thing to aim for, but experts go even further: citizens will be able to dispense with their own cars and share the use of electric vehicles.

GeMo is one of seven »Beyond Tomorrow Projects« in which scientists are working on finding solutions for the pressing issues of the future.