Inductive charging system

Charging infrastructure for shared mobility systems

Inductive charging will result in new possibilities of turning the charging process into user-friendly operation. Previous systems, however, are still only working models or in the laboratory stage and are not suitable for everyday outdoor use. Furthermore, those systems reach a charging capacity of 3,5 kW and an efficiency of up to 90%. Power electronic converters and switching concepts along with inductive components offer great room for improvement. This is where efficiency, size and field profile in particular could still be enhanced. In the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft today, there is no systematic knowledge regarding inductive charging. The non-visible integration of inductive charging technology into the infrastructure has likewise not been solved yet and is the subject of research.

The GeMo project is establishing a basic level of competence with respect to inductive charging within the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. The inductive and high-performance transmission of energy represents a significant advance over conductive charging technology. The charging system works without plug, without a charging cable and without any visible charging stations. It offers great benefits (as regards the townscape, handling, security, etc.), especially in the urban and community context.