Shared mobility with simple technology

In the Beyond Tomorrow Project »Shared use of e-mobility: vehicles, data and infrastructure«, Fraunhofer and the company GreenIng develop a very efficient micro vehicle for the collective use in cities: the Electromobile City Scooter. This electrically powered scooter has one front wheel and two rear wheels.

The Electromobile City Scooter is also enjoyable to drive for car drivers due to its chassis technology. This characteristic and the low parking space required by the scooter make it particularly interesting for shared mobility concepts in urban areas.

The Electromobile City Scooter combines driving pleasure with safety. Its both rear wheels are fixed to two trailing arms. Each of them is mounted to the frame using air springs as suspension. Therefore, the vehicle – although it is multi-track – can tilt in curves. At the same time, the construction ensures stability at low speed and a safe and secure standing position at traffic lights.

A safety cell for helmet-free driving, weather protection and baggage handling systems make the Electromobile City Scooter particularly suitable for everyday use. Thereby, a close similarity to standard scooters is maintained deliberately.