Project progress and completion

GeMo - final project report

The final project report in German is available here

GeMo booth at eCarTec 2014

© Marc Müller, © Fraunhofer IAO

Between October 21st-23rd, 2014 the six Fraunhofer Institutes working on the project GeMo published the results of their research at the world‘s biggest B2B trade fair for electric mobility. Additional to individually exhibited solutions for the shared use of electric vehicles, the main exhibit was a concept car containing all technologies developed during the project and showing their functionality. Additionally the project as a whole and its several achievements were presented to the general as part of a series of lectures at the trade fair forum and several guided tours of the GeMo booth. The highlights of the exhibition were:

  • localizing , booking and opening of the concept car with a smartphone app via mobility services and mobility data cloud,
  • presentation of the functionality of the wireless fast charge system, the laser scanner and the on-board-unit in the concept car,
  • description of the approach to integrate the stationary part of the fast charge system into an underground distribution system as well as the cloud-based charging management.

GeMo Technology Day »Shared E-Mobility«

On 26 September 2013 the six Fraunhofer-Institutes working together in the GeMo project showed parts of their research approaches on future urban e-mobility. In addition, the day was enriched by lectures from research and industry. The range of contributions focused on intermodal mobility concepts of the future, necessary technologies and fields of research.

The research approaches were presented in a theme walk with the following stations:

  • Inductive, powerful charging technology with an urban charging infrastructure and an intelligent, grid supporting charging management,
  • intermodal navigation tools with uninterrupted positioning, cloud computing and on-board unit for compiling and free provision of mobility data,
  • electric vehicle and laser scanner for positioning.

During the Technology Day the study »Neue Mobilität« which describes the framework of the collaborative project GeMo was also presented.