On-Board-Unit ARTiS

On-board unit for shared vehicles

Researchers of Fraunhofer ESK are extending the functionality of their Automotive Telematics and Infotainment Prototyping System ARTiS-XT within the project. An automotive microcontroller uses vehicle buses and supports real time communication for safety applications. Its advanced power management makes it possible to use it as embedded control unit. The ARTiS platform additionally contains an embedded PC that enables telematics and infotainment applications and offers standard interfaces. These allow wireless communication with other components, i.e. the smartphone, the cloud and the charging station.

In order to support the driver in parking the vehicle over the charging coil, an on-board unit assistance system calculates the precise vehicle position. To achieve that, sensor data from a highly precise positioning system and a sensor, which captures the environment surrounding the vehicle, are combined. Sensor data fusion algorithms compute the precise position of the vehicle in relation to the coil. A HMI shows position information to the user to guide him during the parking process over the charging coil. Only if the vehicle is parked over the coil with a given accuracy, the charging process is efficient. This task is accomplished by an inertial measurement unit which can also rely on satellite signals when navigating outdoor. Additionally, the sensor fusion process uses both the results of laser scanner acquisitions and map material containing information about fixed reference points in the vicinity of the charging coil.