Underground distribution system

Inductive charging infrastructure for passenger vehicles in an urban area

An inductive charging technology in an urban area has to be easy to install to make the realization of a large number of charging stations possible. Furthermore, the technology should not be visible in the streetscape. Moreover, protection of the power electronics and additional components of the system against environmental influences is necessary, but at the same it should be reachable for maintenance.

To install the charging technology in an urban area, underground distribution systems can be used. Inside these manholes, the system components are protected. The installation of underground distribution systems in the street is standardized and they are almost invisible there. Inside the manhole, the components are fixed at a framework made from strut profiles with profile nut, which allows a flexible positioning as well as a robust fastening. The primary coil is integrated in the ground outside the underground distribution system.

An inductive charging technology has to be accessible for maintenance, even if it is integrated in the street in an underground distribution system. Therefore, a kind of lift can help to get the components of the system to the surface where they are more comfortable to reach. To build the lift, a ball rail system with guide rails and runner blocks can be used. The runner blocks are connected with the strut profiles, where the components of the charging technology are fixed.