Shared Mobility Services

Smartphone applications for shared mobility users

Cloud-based shared mobility services for registration, personalization, reservation of vehicles or charging stations as well as accounting of trips are demonstrated using mobile applications for Android Smartphones within the GeMo project. After successful registration the user has the opportunity to store preferences in a personalized profile (e.g. type of preferred vehicle, public transport affinity, tariff options, maximum walking distance, smoker/nonsmoker) and to request available vehicles by entering precise trip details (e.g. start position, loan period, intermediate stops, destination). The following automotive selection is a four stage process based on a electromobility specific fleet management system: user specific, temporal, spatial and innovative state-of-charge based criteria underlay the availability identification. The remaining range of available vehicles is estimated based on vehicle specifics (e.g. state of charge, energy consumption, recuperation) for a given route with definite elevation profile under currently prevailing weather conditions.