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Fraunhofer Application Centre KEIM, Fraunhofer IAO

The first Fraunhofer Application Centre in Baden-Württemberg was opened on the 24th September 2012, at the University of Applied Sciences in Esslingen. The "Competence Centre for energetic and IT mobility interfaces KEIM" ("Kompetenzzentrum für energetische und informationstechnische Mobilitätsschnittstellen KEIM") brings together scientists of the Fraunhofer IAO and the University of Applied Sciences in Esslingen. The Fraunhofer Gesellschaft (Fraunhofer Society) is exploring new paths with the application centre and aims to promote the transfer of innovation into the economy/into the business world.

The vision of KEIM is the shared use of electromobile resources in urban spaces and encompasses vehicles, data and infrastructure. Mobility is available when required. The scientists in the Fraunhofer application centre KEIM will research and develop the required interfaces. The research will be conducted in an industry-oriented way and will be relevant for SMEs in particular. Furthermore, the research activities will be closely linked to the courses taught at the University of Applied Sciences.

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Further Fraunhofer IAO projects:

Open Cities – Open Innovation Mechanisms for Future Internet Services in Smart Cities, Fraunhofer FOKUS

The Open Cities Project incorporates three current fields of research ("open innovation", "future internet services" and "living labs in smart cities") and aims to multiply knowledge in the area of managing innovations in the public sector (oder: public sector innovation management). This is made possible by the co-operation of industry, applied research and university research in five European cities: Helsinki, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris und Barcelona.

In order to achieve the set targets, novel technology platforms for the urban management of innovation, open data and sensor networks are being developed within the scope of the project.

The role of Fraunhofer FOKUS is the co-ordination and implementation of Europe-wide specifications along with the development and maintenance of a technology platform for managing open data.

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Further Fraunhofer FOKUS projects:

awiloc® Fraunhofer IIS's Stand-Alone Wireless LAN Positioning Technology for Cities and Buildings

Since a large part of public life takes place in inner cities and enclosed spaces such as shopping malls, office buildings and railroad or subway stations, those are the very places where location-based services are most important. Indoor positioning capability also opens up multiple possibilities for professional applications, for example in warehouses or museums.

To address this need, the Fraunhofer IIS has developed awiloc®, a position determination solution that uses existing wireless networks. The positioning algorithm is not tied to any special transmission technology. It utilizes various communication networks, e.g. in the form of wireless LAN, GSM or UMTS base stations. This solution from the Fraunhofer IIS makes it possible for mobile devices to independently determine their position in indoor and urban environments based on signal strength measurements. Networks from the IEEE 802.11 family of wireless LAN standards have emerged as the ideal technology, which is why they are predominantly used as a basis for positioning.

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Further Fraunhofer IIS projects:

AutoTram –Transport System of the Future, Fraunhofer IVI

The AutoTram, developed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Transportation and Infrastructure Systems IVI in Dresden, demonstrates a pioneering technology for public transport. As an intermediate public transport vehicle, it combines features of conventional buses (e.g. high flexibility, simple infrastructure costs and comparatively low life cycle costs) with the advantages of trams such as high transport capacity, driving comfort and the possibility of environmentally sound drive systems.

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Further Fraunhofer IVI projects:

ARTiS-XT: Automotive Telematics And Infotainment Prototyping System, Fraunhofer ESK

The Automotive Realtime Prototyping System (ARTiS) is a line of prototyping products designed for the needs of the automotive industry.

The ARTiS-XT model was developed especially for infotainment and telematics applications. This platform, which combines an AUTOSAR-capable realtime platform, the ARTiS-RT solution and a powerful embedded PC, is meant for use with test benches that closely resemble real environments. The rugged design and vehicle power management application make ARTiS-XT an excellent choice for use in prototype vehicles.

The embedded PC, which is based on an Intel® Atom™ processor suitable for automotive applications, can be programmed and operated like a standard PC. It can run software programs with sophisticated performance and user interface requirements and was developed with telematics and infotainment tasks in mind.

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Furhter Fraunhofer ESK projects: